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Label Daddy school pack


I had seen a groupon/zulily/totsy type deal ( for the life of me I cannot remember exactly which one it was) for Label Daddy and decided it was too good of a deal to pass up…I’m pretty sure it was half off the school pack. Little Ladybug will be starting “Big Girl school” in the fall and thought It would be prefect to use. I had a few allergy labels from InchBug but needed some new everyday labels.

Little Ladybug was thrilled to see Tinkerbell on her name labels! I was miffed that the USPS had ruined half our labels by shushing the zipper pulls into the other labels. Label Daddy customer service responded to my email on a weekend and sent me new labels for free. Emails on a weekend was a super star in my customer service book!! The school pack has a total of 132 labels in 7 sizes and 4 zipper pulls. Totally customizable too with either clip art or your child’s favorite characters. They also carry camp packs, allergy labels and photo labels. So far they hold up well on both clothing and lunch containers through washing machine, dishwasher and hand wash. I am impressed!


Since I have used both InchBug Labels and Label Daddy I can’t say that I have a favorite. Each company holds up well and has strengths in different areas. Allergy wise and for a smaller number of labels, say for an adults lunch wear, I prefer InchBug. For a variety pack for school or camp Label Daddy would be my pick. Both hold up, are fun and serve their purpose!


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