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Silisqueeze from the Silicompany. Reusable food puree pouches!

I just received my Sili Squeeze for replacing those costly and non-ecofriendly food purée pouches that little owl loves. Ever sine she started showing an interest in the food pouches- they were not popular when she was doing purées AND we made our own baby food anyway- I have tried to find a more ecofriendly solution that we could make ourselves. I tried everything and ended up frustrated and wishing I could think of someway to create what The SiliCompany offers with SiliSqueeze!

When it arrived I was very excited to try it out so when we went to store for errands I excitedly gathered the things I needed and got a happy tingle in my stomach as it brought back memories of making puréed baby food for little owl when she was a baby. We got home with our ingredients, washed and simmered, and, while eaiting, I got out our Vitamix; a baby food making mama’s best friend! Little owl immediately said “noisy” and covered her ears with a concerned look and whimper. Now the Vitamix is noisy, after all it is a blender, but not bad compared to some. I offered her her headphones and she asked daddy for a cuddle and we were ready to go!

After making our yummy mixture, we poured it in the SiliSqueeze and the leftovers into her glass storage container and put it into the fridge- I gave her a taste and she couldn’t wait! I had to put it in the freezer to cool faster.

The regular nipple is as I feared, impossible to suck things from even as an adult. I tried biting, gumming, chewing, and sucking and with no avail, I got out the scissors. I started to cut the stopper on the inside to allow for a smoother suck. The silicompany is coming out with a nipple that has no flow restricting spill protection that will be ideal. My suggestion would be to keep that slower flow for infants starting purées but use a reusable stopper under the nipple like the Dr. Browns bottles. This may be the case for the newer nipple that they have coming out soon, but for now the scissor snip inside the nipple worked just fine and allows for little owl to have frustration free sipping. Now I am sure to keep the lid on and keep it upright. It is nice becaus eit does stand upright in the fridge.

Compared to food punches…
-You can make your own purée compared to food punches companies that choose
-Saves money rather buying endless expensive food punches
-Dishwasher safe
-New valve flow to choose from and grow with your child–I ordered one of these as well and it is MUCH easier for children to suck the purees through.
-Fun colors!

-Must stay refrigerated after making purées Rather than taking it with you and using it whenever or throwing it in a diaper bag or purse. It would probably be a lunch box thing
-Requires you to go the extra step to cook and clean up
-Difficult nipple valve could cause some frustration–if older child get the SiliSqueeze with Eeze

Overall, this product is going to a new item in our household over commercially made food pouches. Being an ecofriendly family, conservation and reducing our impact on our environment is important to us as well the ability to create combinations of our own while saving money at the same time, therefore little owl will be sorting SiliSqueeze pouches from now on! I will probably be using the commercial pouches for travel or vacations longer than a day, but other than that, day trips and home will have little owl squeezing her snacks Sili!

Little Owl’s “Nummy” Purée:

Organic blueberries, small carton
Organic apples, cut and unpeeled
4 tbsp plain organic Greek yogurt

Mango Pineapple in Paradise

Organic Pineapple

Organic Mango

1 organic banana

coconut flakes

Wash, cut, and peel apples and add them in a saucepan. Add washed blueberries. Simmer on low for 8-10 minutes. Blend. Fill SiliSqueeze. Cool. Serve. Makes 2 SiliSqueeze pouch servings. Put remainder in glass Container for filling within 2 days of making.


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Label Daddy school pack


I had seen a groupon/zulily/totsy type deal ( for the life of me I cannot remember exactly which one it was) for Label Daddy and decided it was too good of a deal to pass up…I’m pretty sure it was half off the school pack. Little Ladybug will be starting “Big Girl school” in the fall and thought It would be prefect to use. I had a few allergy labels from InchBug but needed some new everyday labels.

Little Ladybug was thrilled to see Tinkerbell on her name labels! I was miffed that the USPS had ruined half our labels by shushing the zipper pulls into the other labels. Label Daddy customer service responded to my email on a weekend and sent me new labels for free. Emails on a weekend was a super star in my customer service book!! The school pack has a total of 132 labels in 7 sizes and 4 zipper pulls. Totally customizable too with either clip art or your child’s favorite characters. They also carry camp packs, allergy labels and photo labels. So far they hold up well on both clothing and lunch containers through washing machine, dishwasher and hand wash. I am impressed!


Since I have used both InchBug Labels and Label Daddy I can’t say that I have a favorite. Each company holds up well and has strengths in different areas. Allergy wise and for a smaller number of labels, say for an adults lunch wear, I prefer InchBug. For a variety pack for school or camp Label Daddy would be my pick. Both hold up, are fun and serve their purpose!

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InchBug Giveaway

Our next giveaway is for one package of one/two line custom Orbit labels with free shipping. This entry has three simple steps to follow and a winner will be chosen on Friday April 8th.
1) Like InchBug on Facebook
2) Like Ladybug and Owl on Facebook if you have not already done so
3) Leave a comment here with your favorite InchBug label type, winner will be chosen by

1) Refer a friend…if they leave a comment with who sent them you will get an extra entry into this giveaway…the more friends you refer (who leave comments with your name as the person who referred them) the more entries you get.

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InchBug Labels

So a few days ago…or maybe a week ago…I typed up a lovely review of InchBug Labels, saved it as a draft and then wordpress crashed. My post was lost to cyberspace. I’d do my best to write a similar review but I was fond of my first one!

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A while back we received out trail pack of InchBug Labels. Mama Owl and I were excited to see them as we know first hand the two main benefits to labels: food allergies and childcare/school. InchBug makes many different kinds of labels, from long and skinny to picture labels, bag tags, orbit labels etc. They are very customizable as well. For those of you who have children in school and childcare settings you know that things don’t always come home, or the stuff that comes home may not be yours. InchBug solves that problem. Also labels are extremely helpful for those with food allergies. InchBug has food allergy specific labels as well. Personally I like the customizable labels and added Little Ladybug’s allergies to that. There are tons of cute patterns and designs for boys and girls alike.

The labels themselves have been awesome. Easy to put on, just peel and stick. They are not super forgiving if you mess up but if you get an air bubble like I did (I don’t recommend multitasking while applying the labels) just pop it with a needle and squish the air out. All of the labels have held up through washes by hand and the dishwasher, drops and even my air bubble incident. So far no peeling, or fading (although Little Ladybug has yet to leave them in the sun unattained for long periods of time). I would buy them again and recommend them to anyone in need of labels!

L & O Rating: *****

Keep your eyes peeled for an InchBug giveaway coming soon!

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Things to come…

SNEAK PREVIEW of Reviews to come from Mama Owl…

~Pacifiers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

~cloth diapers: chemical free, earth-saving, light on the wallet bums!

~swaddleme by Kiddopotomus

~Arm’s Reach: Cosleeper, Cocoon

~Baby Bjorn Travel Bed Lite

~Slings and Things: Maya, Ergo, Moby, Peanut Shell, Sleepy Wrap,

~Monitors: Graco, First Years

~Inflatable Tubs

~Car seats: Britax, Cosco, Graco

~Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout cover

~Green Toys: Plate Set, Tea Set, Dump Truck

~Edushape Sensory balls

~Lil’ Diner suction platform

~Summer Infant Tiny Diner (placemat)

~Melissa & Doug!

~Jonticraft: Wooden kitchen, sensory table

~Cloud B: Sleep sheep

~great mama deals websites: babysteals, mamabargains, babyhalfoff, etc

~Mozart Music Cube

~Leap Frog Drum


~Cooshie Booster

~Chicco Caddy Hook on chair

~Gumball machine toy

~Gates: Retract-a-gate, First Years hands free, etc

~Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Bebe Pod Booster

~Fisher Price: Piggy Bank, Standing table (no batteries)

~Recommended authors: Sandra Boynton, Leslie Patricelli, etc

~Leap Frog: Fridge Phonics, Fridge Farm


~mOmma straw cup

~GoBaby diaper bag

~Gagou Tagou infant/toddler socks


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Playtex BPA Free Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer

This cup is a great starter cup for independence over your child’s drinking throughout their meal. You just give it a squeeze and they get the water response from their sucking! Little owl got it right away. I do not like sippy cups (nor do I like plastic) as they are not necessarily a developmental milestone, but more of a parental convenience. They teach the skill of tipping up and tipping ones head back. That is not the correct drinking motions. I don’t like sippy cups for this reason. I am, however, okay with teaching a skill such as drinking from a straw. This is a skill all kids can use and this cup is a great tool for achieving that developmental milestone!
A+++++ LOVE IT!
I also own a home childcare and not only does this cup teach an appropriate skill (drinking from a straw) but it also eliminates mess associated with learning (especially when you have 6 kiddos eating at the same time)!
It doesn’t have a zillion difficult to clean pieces either. Just 3 easy to take apart and put together again pieces! The straw is an easy clean as well. We simply fill up the cup with soapy water and use the “squeeze” to get the soapy water inside the straw, then rinse and let dry. Also they are dishwasher safe and BPA free (since it IS plastic at least they have that going for them, which is why I caved-usually I am a Sigg or Klean Kanteen mama).

We love it…..times 6!

L&O Rating: *****

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