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InchBug Giveaway

Our next giveaway is for one package of one/two line custom Orbit labels with free shipping. This entry has three simple steps to follow and a winner will be chosen on Friday April 8th.
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3) Leave a comment here with your favorite InchBug label type, winner will be chosen by

1) Refer a friend…if they leave a comment with who sent them you will get an extra entry into this giveaway…the more friends you refer (who leave comments with your name as the person who referred them) the more entries you get.


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InchBug Labels

So a few days ago…or maybe a week ago…I typed up a lovely review of InchBug Labels, saved it as a draft and then wordpress crashed. My post was lost to cyberspace. I’d do my best to write a similar review but I was fond of my first one!

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A while back we received out trail pack of InchBug Labels. Mama Owl and I were excited to see them as we know first hand the two main benefits to labels: food allergies and childcare/school. InchBug makes many different kinds of labels, from long and skinny to picture labels, bag tags, orbit labels etc. They are very customizable as well. For those of you who have children in school and childcare settings you know that things don’t always come home, or the stuff that comes home may not be yours. InchBug solves that problem. Also labels are extremely helpful for those with food allergies. InchBug has food allergy specific labels as well. Personally I like the customizable labels and added Little Ladybug’s allergies to that. There are tons of cute patterns and designs for boys and girls alike.

The labels themselves have been awesome. Easy to put on, just peel and stick. They are not super forgiving if you mess up but if you get an air bubble like I did (I don’t recommend multitasking while applying the labels) just pop it with a needle and squish the air out. All of the labels have held up through washes by hand and the dishwasher, drops and even my air bubble incident. So far no peeling, or fading (although Little Ladybug has yet to leave them in the sun unattained for long periods of time). I would buy them again and recommend them to anyone in need of labels!

L & O Rating: *****

Keep your eyes peeled for an InchBug giveaway coming soon!

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Giro Infant Bike Helmet

Giro Infant Bike Helmet

Little Ladybug got her first tricycle last year for Christmas. I still have vivid memories of her being afraid of the helmet the moment she saw it in the box. It took some convincing to actually get her to try it one. This came mostly in the form of being able to see her BFF’s wear the same exact helmet without any ill effects. Once she got it on I loved it! Having been a child once myself I remember getting pinched under the chin by helmet buckles or having to change that padding inside so it would fit my head. No more of that with the Giro Me2 Infant Helmet. The buckle has this hand shield so its much harder to be pinched by however not impossible. It also has this crank in the back so you can snug up the helmet instead of extra padding. The holes/vents have netting over them as well, apparently so bugs don’t fly inside. My only gripe about this helmet is that the padding on the inside of the crank often gets stuck making it harder to crank to size. I guess with a little boy or a girl whose hair is short or down all the time this wouldn’t a problem, but Little Ladybug has a massive amount of hair and I have to adjust it each time depending on hair styles. Overall I really like it and it has grown on Little Ladybug as she has finally mastered riding her trike.

“Make sure your kids have a funĀ and safe ride with the Giro Me2 bike helmet for infants and toddlers. In addition to several colorfully fanciful designs–including yellow chicks, aviator pigs, pink bunnies, and red duck and goose–the helmet features 20 vents (protected with a built-in bug net) to help to keep your child’s head cool. It also features Giro’s Mini-Loc fit system with simple strap guides that enable your kid to put on the helmet without pinching skin. There’s soft padding inside that feels great and a built-in visor for a bit of shade. This helmet is adjustable, enabling it to grow with your child. It’s sized for infants and toddlers with heads measuring 18.75 to 20.5 inches in diameter.”~write up from


L & O Rating: ****

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