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AUTHOR REVIEW: Matthew Van Fleet

“Heads”, “Tails”, and “Alphabet” are three books by Matthew Van Fleet that we just recently got for our little owl. I just want to start this by saying that Heads and Tails are little owl’s ABSOLUTE favorite books (and ours actually)! They flow nicely with great almost lyrical rhythm that literally gets stuck in our heads. Cute pictures, A LOT of fun things to touch, feel, move, and look at.
Each book is chunky and durable compared to all other lift-the-flap and movable-part books that can withstand most not-so-gentle toddler hands. Each page presents quiet an extensive variety of sensory experiences! With a variety of textures; fluffy, scratchy, prickly, sticky, smooth, bumpy, fuzzy, floppy, and so much more! It is certainly a book that stinks—literally! There is a scratch-and-sniff stink bug in “Alphabet” and a skunk in “Tails”—and PEW! There are movable sections that show an elephant sneezing, eyes opening, eggs hatching, kangaroos jumping, hippo burping, etc. I also really like that in “Tails” there is a picture of a mother pig nursing her little piglets.
That being said, “Alphabet” is not Matthew’s 100%! It does come with a pop out alphabet poster that is pretty cool. We like it, we like that it rhymes, but the first page segment and the last page segment do not rhyme or flow…it feels weird and out of place. 😦 Not our favorite; we were looking forward to so much more. The pages in between are pretty good; octopus with sticky tentacles that little owl gets literally gets “stuck” on, but nothing compared to our family favorites; “Heads” and “Tails”! If you need to choose one, go with “Heads”, but they are both GREAT!! “Alphabet” is good to own, but definitely not the top choice in our house.


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