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BumBoosa 100% Natural Diaper Ointment

We received the BumBoosa 100% Natural Diaper Ointment in the mail and the minute we got the ointment out of the package-my daughter was already excited! She wanted to open the jar and rub it on her skin like lotion. We talked about how this was to help her bottom when she had rash and she smiled. Whether or not she really knew exactly what that meant I am not sure, but when a rash comes we will be ready! It is rare when we get a rash because we cloth diaper, but when we do, we will try our BumBoosa!

After doing more research about Zinc and cloth diapers, I found that applying the diaper rash cream directly to her bottom without a liner to protect the diaper is not advised. That being said when redness cropped up, I simply used a disposable/flushable liner to keep the cream from getting onto the diaper and repelling moisture rather than absorbing. I put it on before bed and when she woke up in the morning she was a good as new! Like I said before, we very infrequently get rashes with cloth diapering, but this works for redness, rashes, and what appeared to be a bout of dry skin.

It smells delicious, very natural, and earthy. I can smell the lavender and tea tree oil but it is not to strong that I would fear it would burn or chafe her skin. I also really like the fact that the company uses renewable recourses and is planning its next batch to have calendula extract made completely from 100% wind power! Go Baby Bumboosa! They are the only wipes I ever used (as we use cloth wipes as well), but if we need to get wipes from traveling or the diaper bag they are what we use. My only challenge is that it isn’t on shelves of stores nearby. I would LOVE to see baby Bumboosa at grocery stores such as Whole Foods or the like. This would make it easier to get rather than ordering in bulk from the website and maying shipping. I even used the wipes on my daughter when she was a newborn as we hadn’t started cloth wipes at that time, and I wouldn’t have any other wipe touch my fragile and innocent daughter.

Anyway, the diaper cream is wonderful, natural, and smells great! It worked for us and my daughter even wants to smear it all over her body like lotion! We will never use any other wipes as BumBoosa will always be our #1 choice for renewable wipes. Thank you BumBoosa!


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EcoPiggy Pacifier

We recently received an EcoPiggy Pacifier for review from the Natural Pacifier Company. It was great! We have used the Neufsetten Natural Pacifier and now got to try the EcoPiggy. The first thing I noticed was that it in NOT bitter like the Neufsetten pacifier. I also preferred the end of the EcoPiggy as it was a U-shaped and easier to hold on to or attach to a pacifier clip rather than the pinched style of the other. It has the option of a rounded or orthopedic tip as well as different sizes for 0-6 months and 6+ months. The other difference I noticed that makes the EcoPiggy more desirable, in my opinion,  is the fact that it doesn’t get SUPER sticky and dark.  It also seems important that the guidelines of  6-8 weeks be followed for refreshing the pacifier, although a few weeks beyond that seems okay, but no more than that as they do get darker, sticky, and warn out.

All and all it is a relief to know that it is a natural material that little owl is sucking on several times a day. It is easy to keep track of, clean, and know that it is one solid piece so fuzzies, lint, dirt, and germs get caught in. Thank you EcoPiggy!

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Bambino Land Swaddle Blankets and Yoga Outfit

Bambino Land is a great place to go for eco-friendly blankets and clothing for baby! Their swaddling blankets are amazing as they get softer each time you wash them! Little owl uses her ‘Peace and Love’ blanket as her lovey (we call it a “Binkit” after ‘Dinosaur’s Binkit’ by Sandra Boynton) and it has been a stroller cover to shield her from the sun, a picnic blanket for her and her dolls, a comfort, a snuggle buddy, and best friend. Had she had it since a newborn, it would have also been a swaddle. These blankets also swaddle incredibly well. I find the blankets with the smaller designs to be the best since the larger images covered more area and therefore felt a bit more rough than the buttery soft small (or no print) blankets were just after one washing. The print size does not affect the blanket when being used as a swaddle however because the print side is out and the softest part is touching your baby. That being said, if used as a “Binkit” then I would go with the smaller print or the simple colors for that purpose.

Being an eco-friendly home childcare owner it is extremely important that we have products that are eco-friendly, organic, and support a good cause. I did find the prices to be a tad on the higher side, but  they are using organic and eco-friendly materials as well as a percentage of their profits go to a home for abandoned children in Nepal to help them provide food, shelter, and good help for their care.

The best part of Bambino Land is Jessica, the owner and founder of the small business. I got the opportunity to speak with her regarding my order and she was BEYOND helpful and kind. Her service was outstanding and she was able to go above and beyond what I needed in order to provide my little owl with the back-up “binkit” she needed. I was able to speak with her using the website’s instant chat feature that connects you with someone immediately that you can chat with over the computer in the instant message box provided. I actually was able to speak with her late (about 11pm) using that very handy and convenient feature. In addition to different theme collections of blankets, once in awhile they offer a special where you can build your own lovie/swaddle collection by mixing and matching the soft Muslin blankets of your choosing to coordinate your and your little one’s personality.

I was also able to review the ‘Peace, Love, and Owls’ yoga outfit for little owl. She loved it! It washed up so very soft and fit her very comfortably. She was able to explore her space, unrestricted, in her comfy Yoga pants. they fit with wide-leg style bottle and a top that has double snaps above one shoulder to ease on and off and to accommodate a child with a larger sized head. My favorite part, by far, was the pants. I wanted a pair in my size. She looked so comfortable and they fit her length perfectly yet they had a lot of space to grow.

Overall I was very please with my experience with Bambino land with their promises of blankets getting softer as they wash and excellent customer service. I will proudly continue to support their mission of bring environmentally friendly materials to children while helping those in need in other countries as well.

(visit to check out their great products and learn about their cause)

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Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator = love. I came across a review online when looking into possibly owning this contraption that said, “Nose Frida: The grossest thing I ever loved.” I think that sums it up really. Everyone I rave to about the Nose Frida, reacts the same way: “GROSS!” Well, I don’t think it is personally. I mean any parent who is waking up every hour in the middle of the night to a stuffed up, miserable, crying child can relate to the sheer desperation you feel when trying to console your sick, sobbing baby in order to provide relief and sleep for both of you. I would do or buy ANYTHING or even resort to trying a crazy voodoo dance to get them to be able to drift back off to sleep. I even have tried the putrid advice someone once bestowed upon me in which I was told to ‘suck the boogers out of her nose myself’, yes I will admit having done that, so this is nothing for me! I have even tried holding down the flailing arms of my poor, stuffy little owl to use the bulb aspirator just to be unsuccessful with the little bits of nothing I worked so hard to extract from her stuffy little nose.

Whether it be teething, a cold, or just a runny nose, the Nose Frida is a LIFE SAVER! How it works is simple; you put the red mouth piece into your mouth, place the blue ‘booger catcher’ right up to (not inside) your little stuffy nose, take a deep breath, and suck as hard as you can. The mucus goes into the capturing section and DOES NOT even come close to entering your mouth. It works like a breast pump in which the mucus doesn’t ever enter the tubing. There is a sponge to collect any ‘germs’ that might be living in the nose of your little one as not to spread germs to mamas and daddies. I would recommend this to any parent ANY day of the week. We love ours and it is amazing just how much ‘good stuff’ a little nose can hold.


Overall L&O Rating: *****


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