Whooo are Ladybug and Owl?

Mama Owl~ My little Owlet, or ‘night owl’ as I like to call her, was born in March of 2010. I am a Dually Certified & Licensed Teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. I have experience working with children with special needs and sensory challenges. Currently I own and run an Eco-friendly Home Childcare with the amazing help of Mama Ladybug and we have several opportunities to try products that make our lives with 6 children easier everyday! I have faced difficulties with breastfeeding and pushed through with things such as vasospasm, dairy and soy allergy, and tongue tie. We like unique products that are earth friendly and safe for children. Being a natural parent, I try to find primarily wooden or recycled products whenever possible and we’re here to tell you what we know…
picture from:http://www-graphics.stanford.edu/courses/cs348b-competition/cs348b-01/flower/cs348b/proposal.htm 

Mama Ladybug~ My little ladybug was born in early 2008. I have a background in psychology as well as hands on experience with asthma, allergies (food and environmental), eczema, ASL/Deafness, and we are delving into the world of Sensory Processing Disorder. I try to parent as naturally as possible on a budget seeing as its just me and Little Ladybug. Life is a journey, we are just along for the ride. I’m always on the search for awesome, affordable products for Little Ladybug.


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