BumBoosa 100% Natural Diaper Ointment

We received the BumBoosa 100% Natural Diaper Ointment in the mail and the minute we got the ointment out of the package-my daughter was already excited! She wanted to open the jar and rub it on her skin like lotion. We talked about how this was to help her bottom when she had rash and she smiled. Whether or not she really knew exactly what that meant I am not sure, but when a rash comes we will be ready! It is rare when we get a rash because we cloth diaper, but when we do, we will try our BumBoosa!

After doing more research about Zinc and cloth diapers, I found that applying the diaper rash cream directly to her bottom without a liner to protect the diaper is not advised. That being said when redness cropped up, I simply used a disposable/flushable liner to keep the cream from getting onto the diaper and repelling moisture rather than absorbing. I put it on before bed and when she woke up in the morning she was a good as new! Like I said before, we very infrequently get rashes with cloth diapering, but this works for redness, rashes, and what appeared to be a bout of dry skin.

It smells delicious, very natural, and earthy. I can smell the lavender and tea tree oil but it is not to strong that I would fear it would burn or chafe her skin. I also really like the fact that the company uses renewable recourses and is planning its next batch to have calendula extract made completely from 100% wind power! Go Baby Bumboosa! They are the only wipes I ever used (as we use cloth wipes as well), but if we need to get wipes from traveling or the diaper bag they are what we use. My only challenge is that it isn’t on shelves of stores nearby. I would LOVE to see baby Bumboosa at grocery stores such as Whole Foods or the like. This would make it easier to get rather than ordering in bulk from the website and maying shipping. I even used the wipes on my daughter when she was a newborn as we hadn’t started cloth wipes at that time, and I wouldn’t have any other wipe touch my fragile and innocent daughter.

Anyway, the diaper cream is wonderful, natural, and smells great! It worked for us and my daughter even wants to smear it all over her body like lotion! We will never use any other wipes as BumBoosa will always be our #1 choice for renewable wipes. Thank you BumBoosa!


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