Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer

This organizer is great! It is made of a neoprene material with a small circular window in the front. It has 4 suction cups and has a large space that holds a TON of toys. It also can be positioned low enough for my daughter to get toys out, BUT if you place it against the corner of the tub ridge and the walls, not only does it mold the caulked area, but it also molds the inside of the basket from all the wet toys, the wetness of the bathroom, repeated baths and showers, etc. It also falls down quite a bit, but if you are looking for a good organizer that you can tolerate a little mold inside (you don’t see it, other than the caulking issue), then this one is great. I am sad it molded, I think the bottom would be better if were made of all mesh so it could get more air circulated to prevent mold. Overall, we enjoy it!

ETA: Well, I washed it, it said hand wash so I threw it in the “hand wash” cycle on my washing machine to wash out the mold spots (ew) and hung it to dry…something after that made it NOT STICK ANYMORE! I tried hand washing the spots out of the neoprene with a scrub bush, no luck. It was that that led me to the “hand wash” cycle. Whether this caused it or not, I’m not sure, but either way. It doesn’t stick anymore. I pounded, I banged, I ‘licked and sticked’, rubbed, pushed, slid…you name it I tried it and no dice. Putting little owl to bed, I heard CRASHHHHH!! So now the corner of my tub caulking is moldy and I have nothing to hold little owl’s toys.

COMING SOON: Review of Fisher Price Precious Planet Scoop n’ Store


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    Amanda Isakson said,

    I have something similar and had the same problem of it constantly falling down. đŸ˜¦ As far as the mold I have no idea, because it never stayed up long enough to develop.

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