InchBug Labels

So a few days ago…or maybe a week ago…I typed up a lovely review of InchBug Labels, saved it as a draft and then wordpress crashed. My post was lost to cyberspace. I’d do my best to write a similar review but I was fond of my first one!

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A while back we received out trail pack of InchBug Labels. Mama Owl and I were excited to see them as we know first hand the two main benefits to labels: food allergies and childcare/school. InchBug makes many different kinds of labels, from long and skinny to picture labels, bag tags, orbit labels etc. They are very customizable as well. For those of you who have children in school and childcare settings you know that things don’t always come home, or the stuff that comes home may not be yours. InchBug solves that problem. Also labels are extremely helpful for those with food allergies. InchBug has food allergy specific labels as well. Personally I like the customizable labels and added Little Ladybug’s allergies to that. There are tons of cute patterns and designs for boys and girls alike.

The labels themselves have been awesome. Easy to put on, just peel and stick. They are not super forgiving if you mess up but if you get an air bubble like I did (I don’t recommend multitasking while applying the labels) just pop it with a needle and squish the air out. All of the labels have held up through washes by hand and the dishwasher, drops and even my air bubble incident. So far no peeling, or fading (although Little Ladybug has yet to leave them in the sun unattained for long periods of time). I would buy them again and recommend them to anyone in need of labels!

L & O Rating: *****

Keep your eyes peeled for an InchBug giveaway coming soon!


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