Ladybug and Owl Update

So sorry to leave our readers for our unannounced hiatus the past few weeks. The childcare and our families have kept us busy with birthdays, goodbyes to old friends and welcoming new and very tiny friends.
It seems our Paci Pixie giveaway was not as popular as hoped. We can reopen it at a later date! We have since received some more fun samples (as well as being promised some by other companies that never followed through *frowns*). This week we will have a second Femmecup giveaway and an Inchbug Labels gift card giveaway too! Hopefully we will be able to post reviews more often but as you all know juggling family, work and fun can be a challenge at times. Thank you for bearing with us!!

Reviews coming this week:
Femmecup Part Two
Inchbug Labels
Llama Llama Misses Mama
Tea Set and Jump Rope by Green Toys

Reviews to come when products arrive:
Cloud B Aromatherapy Pillow
Z-Vibe and tips


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