The Paci Pixie

“I WANNNNT MY….binky, bobo, bebee, poppy, cici, fire, nuk, noo-noo, button, mute, plug, nini, shooshifier, shoo-shoo!!”

Is this something you hear often? Are you a mama to a pacifier addict? Are you looking for ways to get rid of it? We recently received the Paci Pixie books in the mail and were eager to try them. Both Little Ladybug (3 y/o) and Little Owl ( 1 y/o) use pacifiers, as do two kiddos in our childcare. The Paci Pixie book also comes with a CD including both a song and a narrative of the story. We listened to the CD first and loved the song, very cute and catchy! In just flipping though the book, we noticed it was full of captivating colors and illustrations. Both mamas and kiddos sat down to read the book together. Its storyline was interesting and a great idea and Little Ladybug did understand that her pacifier would one day go to babies in need. However, we both agreed that this book cannot be used as a stand alone pacifier removal system. Since the Paci Pixie comes in the middle of the night and just takes the pacifier, we agreed that it might be unsettling if read over and over again before bed if the child is unsure of when the big day to take the pacifier would be. If you are setting a date and reading the book to prep then it is a great tool along with talking about what  and WHEN it will happen and maybe what rewards are to come when the pacifier is gone, it wouldn’t be as nerve-wracking for the children (and parents who are reading it about how their children will react).

The story has a nice lyrical rhythm and sweet overall mood that sets the children up and prepares them for the difficult transition in their lives of learning to self-soothe without the use of a pacifier. Overall it is a nice tool in addition to strategies and planning for when that big day comes that the big girls and boys with endow their Pacis to little babies who need them.

So with that in mind we have two autographed copies of the book to giveaway! To enter leave a comment here with the craziest comment someone has given to you while you were pregnant or with your child. If you haven’t gotten any crazy
comments post something you have heard or make one up (but let us know you made it up). Also go to our Facebook page and ‘like it’ to be eligible for the giveaways and help you get updates on new posts and giveaways.

L & O rating: ***


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