Green Toys Fire Truck

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Our Green Toys Fire Truck came last night, and after Little Ladybug got over the initial confusion, that it wasn’t something else she was expecting, she really enjoyed it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Green Toys it is a company that uses recycled milk jugs to makes awesome toys, and now table wear, free of BPA, phthalates and melamine. This fire truck is really sturdy yet light. The big tires roll over most things that Little Ladybug puts in front of it, but also doesn’t hurt her if she rolls over her foot.  Its also a good size that when it gets underfoot, as most children’s toys do, you wont go flying or squish it. This truck comes with a roof ladder that moves up and down and rotates, and two ladders on the side that come off. And best part for mommies, no metal axles to rust and no batteries to replace. I love allowing Little Ladybug to use her imagination and make her own sounds. Mama Owl had brought that to my attention when she taught me about the Reggio approach. Its really cool, and developmentally important, to let kids be creative…moving the truck how they want, making the sounds they want etc. And this toy allows that. I can’t wait to see the younger children at the childcare play with the fire truck, as it’s geared for one and up. My only problem with this toy is the side ladders. They are tough for Little Ladybug, who is nearly three, to get out on her own. She knows how to use them and loves to have them be extenders for the large ladder or have her tiny dolls climb up. She can get them back in with a few tried but surely cannot get them out by herself. Overall I think this a a great toy for any car and truck enthusiast  

L & O rating: ****


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