Playtex BPA Free Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer

This cup is a great starter cup for independence over your child’s drinking throughout their meal. You just give it a squeeze and they get the water response from their sucking! Little owl got it right away. I do not like sippy cups (nor do I like plastic) as they are not necessarily a developmental milestone, but more of a parental convenience. They teach the skill of tipping up and tipping ones head back. That is not the correct drinking motions. I don’t like sippy cups for this reason. I am, however, okay with teaching a skill such as drinking from a straw. This is a skill all kids can use and this cup is a great tool for achieving that developmental milestone!
A+++++ LOVE IT!
I also own a home childcare and not only does this cup teach an appropriate skill (drinking from a straw) but it also eliminates mess associated with learning (especially when you have 6 kiddos eating at the same time)!
It doesn’t have a zillion difficult to clean pieces either. Just 3 easy to take apart and put together again pieces! The straw is an easy clean as well. We simply fill up the cup with soapy water and use the “squeeze” to get the soapy water inside the straw, then rinse and let dry. Also they are dishwasher safe and BPA free (since it IS plastic at least they have that going for them, which is why I caved-usually I am a Sigg or Klean Kanteen mama).

We love it…..times 6!

L&O Rating: *****


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