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Things to come…

SNEAK PREVIEW of Reviews to come from Mama Owl…

~Pacifiers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

~cloth diapers: chemical free, earth-saving, light on the wallet bums!

~swaddleme by Kiddopotomus

~Arm’s Reach: Cosleeper, Cocoon

~Baby Bjorn Travel Bed Lite

~Slings and Things: Maya, Ergo, Moby, Peanut Shell, Sleepy Wrap,

~Monitors: Graco, First Years

~Inflatable Tubs

~Car seats: Britax, Cosco, Graco

~Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout cover

~Green Toys: Plate Set, Tea Set, Dump Truck

~Edushape Sensory balls

~Lil’ Diner suction platform

~Summer Infant Tiny Diner (placemat)

~Melissa & Doug!

~Jonticraft: Wooden kitchen, sensory table

~Cloud B: Sleep sheep

~great mama deals websites: babysteals, mamabargains, babyhalfoff, etc

~Mozart Music Cube

~Leap Frog Drum


~Cooshie Booster

~Chicco Caddy Hook on chair

~Gumball machine toy

~Gates: Retract-a-gate, First Years hands free, etc

~Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Bebe Pod Booster

~Fisher Price: Piggy Bank, Standing table (no batteries)

~Recommended authors: Sandra Boynton, Leslie Patricelli, etc

~Leap Frog: Fridge Phonics, Fridge Farm


~mOmma straw cup

~GoBaby diaper bag

~Gagou Tagou infant/toddler socks



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Playtex BPA Free Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer

This cup is a great starter cup for independence over your child’s drinking throughout their meal. You just give it a squeeze and they get the water response from their sucking! Little owl got it right away. I do not like sippy cups (nor do I like plastic) as they are not necessarily a developmental milestone, but more of a parental convenience. They teach the skill of tipping up and tipping ones head back. That is not the correct drinking motions. I don’t like sippy cups for this reason. I am, however, okay with teaching a skill such as drinking from a straw. This is a skill all kids can use and this cup is a great tool for achieving that developmental milestone!
A+++++ LOVE IT!
I also own a home childcare and not only does this cup teach an appropriate skill (drinking from a straw) but it also eliminates mess associated with learning (especially when you have 6 kiddos eating at the same time)!
It doesn’t have a zillion difficult to clean pieces either. Just 3 easy to take apart and put together again pieces! The straw is an easy clean as well. We simply fill up the cup with soapy water and use the “squeeze” to get the soapy water inside the straw, then rinse and let dry. Also they are dishwasher safe and BPA free (since it IS plastic at least they have that going for them, which is why I caved-usually I am a Sigg or Klean Kanteen mama).

We love it…..times 6!

L&O Rating: *****

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Peace Weighted Blankets

For those with various special needs things that come easy to some, like
sleep, are a near impossible task. As I mentioned in another post Little
Ladybug has struggled with sleep since day one and at almost three has only
slept through the night a handful of times. Her OT ( occupational therapist
) had recommended a weighted blanket. I searched what seemed like all
corners of the internet before coming across Kristi has been a joy to work with, her
communication through out the order and the speed of the process was great.
She offers lap pads, toddlers blankets and up. If you have ever looked for a
weighted blanket you know they are pricey but Kristi has good quality
blankets ( my mother is a quilted by trade so passing her test is good
enough for me! ) at reasonable prices. Since it’s just Little Ladybug and me
I need to keep us on a budget, and at $45 for a toddler blanket I was able
to do it compared to the $75 minimum I was finding at other places.  

The first night Little Ladybug used her new blanket she said it felt like a
“hug from Mama”, I’m assuming she is referring the to deep pressure. I
normally hear Tad’s song over and over through the monitor with some “Mama?
……Mama?!” here or there but only 2 rounds of Tad! I was scepital that it
would work just like that and chalked it up to a late night the night before
and not much of a nap. Since then sleep has improved, I can’t say she is
sleeping through the night but that would a miracle fix. She is waking less
often and able to fall asleep easier when she does wake. I’m hopefully with
the combination of OT and blanket I will have a rested child.

Even used as a lap pad I find it helpful. Little Ladybug is a big cuddler
but just simply can’t sit still and is always fidgeting on my arms. I placed
the blanket over her lap and it helped her to fidget less. We just used it
for a long car ride that involved a nap on the road, a normal scream fest.
It was a dream, she went out in a flash! For those kiddie in daycare the lap
pad is a nice size to drape over them on nap cots, 12 x 20.

Overall I would recommend this blanket to anyone with sleep issues, young or
old, special needs or not.

L and O rating: *****

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