Rhino Toys Oball

Rhino Toys Oball

We have quite a bit of Oball fanfare here.  We have experience with the Original Oball, Oball Rattle, and Big Oball. These are great! They are a wonderful developmental friend to children as they grow. They go from fun to play with tactilely, to a teether, to a crawling aid, to the perfect first ball as a child learns to throw and catch and develop their fine and gross motor skills. The holes allow for fingers to grip the ball easily, making throwing and catching a fun and successful, rather than frustrating, milestone to reach.

The Oball Rattle is the smallest of the actual balls and is perfect for infants learning to reach and hold & shake. It also can be linked onto an infant play gym for fun reaching and batting. The Oball truly is the toy that grows and is for any age (as it says its the toy for EVERYONE).

I enjoy these so much developmentally that I gave these out to all of the Little Critters that attend my Home Childcare  for Christmas this year because I wanted a toy that would grow with them and not be cast aside after a few uses- and they were a hit! They are fun to take out in the stroller as they can be looped through straps, linked with infant links, etc. It has a bit of bounce to it when tossed which makes its destination fun, exciting, and unpredictable at times. It keeps the children entertained at diaper changes and keeps them laughing when learning to throw and catch as they grow. The Oball is also a great aid in learning turn-taking and the perfect element to a game of Roll The Ball between friends.

Overall Oball is a great addition to any child’s toy repertoire!

L&O Rating: *****+


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