Manhattan Toy Ringable Wooden Rattle and Skwinkle Teether

Manhattan Toy Ringable Wooden Rattle and Skwinkle Teether


I first want to start out by saying that Little Owl is sitting on my lap watching me type this, clutching her Manhattan Toy  Ringable Wooden Rattle right now. It has been a timeless favorite from the time we were at our favorite natural toy store and she reached out and picked it off the shelf all by herself. It is great because it rattles very nicely and is smooth making a fun clacking noise when you shake it. It is brightly colored so it appeals to the visual as well as tactile senses. It also rolls along the floor if you push it, so it is a great toy for encouraging crawling.  Another favorite thing Little Owl likes to do is put the rounded orange edges in her mouth and move them back and forth making fun noises with her mouth! It is good that it is make from water-based non-toxic finishes so we mamas don’t ha ve to worry about chemicals and varnishes. She really likes this rattle overall. We haven’t run into an issue with it being heavy for her. It seems to fit just right in her hand and I don’t have to worry about her hurting herself with it. Most rattles get looked at for a minute or two and then get tossed to the side; not this one, it is her favorite go-to choice when given her special toy basket or one I know I can keep in my purse for something to do at the store or doctor’s office.

L&O Rating: *****


We also have the Manhattan Toy Skwinkle teether. This one is very flexible and and has fun colors and makes a rattling noise when you shake it. The red twisted part is a plastic-y feeling material that feels a bit like a tough rubber straw. The yellow wooden ring in the middle is fixed so it keeps equal amounts of rings on each side and it cannot be moved out of it shape as it is bendable, but always returns to the figure 8 shape. The only problem we ran into with Little Owl was the above mentioned issue of it being played with for a second and then tossed aside. It hasn’t been revisited. This is not really the fault of the toy as we have a Baby Bear who attends our home childcare that really likes to teethe on this Skwinkle. Little Owl just prefers the Ringable to the Skwinkle. The red, rubbery plastic part is thin so it is easy for little hands to hold on to and is a long shape so it reaches the mouth easily. I wish Little Owl liked it more as it looks like a fun toy, but Baby Bear seems to enjoy it thoroughly so it really depends on the child, but overall a fun-looking and well make toy.

L&O Rating: ****


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