Teacup Piggy

Christmas this year gave me tons of ideas for reviews, but this one takes the cake, in fact within ten minutes of turning it on I knew I should warn our readers. In the store I thought the Teacup Piggy was the cutest thing, I knew Little Ladybug’s best friends were getting one too so I though it would be cute to play with them together. When you press it’s nose it talks, you can dress them up, buy cars and houses for them etc. Little did I know the thing was just on demo mode in the store. That pig does not shut up! The piggy has touch sensors on its back and nose, it reacts to its bottle in it’s mouth, reacts to noise around it, as well as how it’s positioned. The phrases are not super expansive and are just repeated over and over and over. It’s super cute and I like it with out the batteries in but the incessant mindless chatter from this pig drives me batty!

L & O Rating: **


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