Fisher Price Noah’s Ark

Even for the non-religious this is a fun toy. The box says ages 1 to 5 and I whole heartedly agree. You could even use it for a younger crowd as the parts are the perfect size and shape for grasping and mouthing. The ark itself has a removable deck to get all the animals in and out, but the windows are large enough, as is the drawbridge, to get the animals out with little hands. The one Little Ladybug got a few years ago comes with Noah, 2 giraffes, 2 zebras, 2 lions, and 2 elephants. Then there are a few different add ons with assorted pairs of animals, turtles, kangaroos, peacock etc. Little Ladybug only chewed on the animals when she first got it but as she, and her imagination, has grown she will make up stories and plays using the animals.

My only gripe with this would be strictly biblical. I love the set and add ons except for the fact that Noah’s wife is no where to be found. If you are using it as a bible teaching tool this might be a problem but as a general fun toy around the house it’s great!


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