Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light, Sea Turtle

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Sea Turtle

The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Sea Turtle is a wonderful addition to any child’s room. It provides visual sensory stimulation and also allows a child who may fear the dark to drift off to sleep while looking at the stars and constellations. Little Owl and I nurse while using the stars as our nightlight before bed.  It is so peaceful knowing she doesn’t have to fall asleep in the dark or if she stirs shortly after, go from being in my arms all snuggled to a dark room. The Sea Turtle has 3 choices of colors: Blue, Green, or Blue and Green together. You can also illuminate pictures of 5 individual endangered sea creatures on the  circumference of the Sea Turtle’s shell. This is nice because it helps children learn about endangered creatures paired with a nice story book and adoption certificate. There is an automatic timer that shuts off after about 45 minutes. The only downfall is that you cannot keep it on all night, so it cannot be used successfully as an all night nightlight. Sometimes Little Owl wakes up in the dark and gets scared; that would have to be my only con to the Cloud B Twilight Sea Turtle. He has a soft plush body and a hard plastic shell, so he isn’t ideal for snuggling, more the type of guy who likes to hang out on a shelf, dresser, or nightstand. 

As far as the constellations go, there is a guide for identifying them, but I have a bit of trouble. I thought I saw the Dippers, but that is all I could see. There is also a nice crescent moon among the stars as well. Overall the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Sea Turtle is very nice, peaceful, and comforting.

L&O Rating: ****


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    adina said,

    De unde pot cumpara si eu o broasca testoasa d-asta?

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