Leapfrog Baby Tad and Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy

Little Ladybug got this for her first Christmas and it’s still going strong. At the time she was 10 months old and used both the daytime learning mode and the night music mode, now that she ISA pushing 3 we only use the night mode. Basically Tad’s daytime mode is learning fun, body parts, songs ect. He has sensors in his feet, hands and belly that will rotate phrases or songs. The buttons are large enough that the child can find and push them by themselves but no so sensitive that they are going off on their own. Nighttime mode has 5 or 10 minutes of lullaby music with a soft light glowing from the sun on Tad’s chest. I was pleasantly suprised at how long the batteries last too, considering Tad is used nightly in our house (sometimes more than once, and always on for the 10 minute cycle) I have only had to change the batteries maybe 4 times in the time we have had him.
Little Ladybug was also given the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy at the same time. While it’s a good toy I like the double purpose of Tad. The puppy definitely had more words, phrases, and songs. He has sensors in his ear, nose, belly, hands and feet. However after carrying his around by his floppy ears, as most toddlers carry stuffed animals, the wire in his ear broke. If you are looking for just a daytime, body parts teaching toy then the puppy may be for you, but for us the double use of Tad fit the bill.


L & O rating Tad: ****

L & O rating Puppy: ***


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