Calico Critters

In this post I am reviewing the Calico Critters in general not one specific set, although I may come back later and make notes about each set.

Let me start off by saying, Little Ladybug would rather wet herself than stop playing with these little guys….no really the first time she ever played with them in a little toy store in Glastonbury she started the potty dance, I asked her three times if she needed to go but she insisted she did not. Not 5 minutes later she says “Ut Oh Mama, I peed” and continued to play.

Little Ladybug is getting a doll house full of these critters and roomsets for Christmas this year. Her best friends have a few families and she loves to dress them up in all their outfits. Each room is carefully thought out with regards to accessories, kitchens with enough plates and cups for all, nursary with books, blocks, even a tiny chair for the critters Teddy bear. The animals are pose able, and have removable clothes. There are tons of add ons. You know how some sets the add ons are really kind of crucial to the set? Not this time, get what you like and leave what you don’t.

My two gripes about this would be the size of the pieces and the price. It’s roughly $20 to $25 a room, and per family, granted you get a lot of little pieced but it just seems pricey when furnishing the whole house costs just as much, if not more than the house itself. If the child you are buying this for has younger brothers or sisters, watch out. All the accessories for a room are major choking hazards. The box says 3+ and to me that is even low. They are vacuum food if your not careful.
Overall I would reccomend these for a imagination filled, house playing kid. Hours of fun in one small house.



L & O rating: *****


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