Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator = love. I came across a review online when looking into possibly owning this contraption that said, “Nose Frida: The grossest thing I ever loved.” I think that sums it up really. Everyone I rave to about the Nose Frida, reacts the same way: “GROSS!” Well, I don’t think it is personally. I mean any parent who is waking up every hour in the middle of the night to a stuffed up, miserable, crying child can relate to the sheer desperation you feel when trying to console your sick, sobbing baby in order to provide relief and sleep for both of you. I would do or buy ANYTHING or even resort to trying a crazy voodoo dance to get them to be able to drift back off to sleep. I even have tried the putrid advice someone once bestowed upon me in which I was told to ‘suck the boogers out of her nose myself’, yes I will admit having done that, so this is nothing for me! I have even tried holding down the flailing arms of my poor, stuffy little owl to use the bulb aspirator just to be unsuccessful with the little bits of nothing I worked so hard to extract from her stuffy little nose.

Whether it be teething, a cold, or just a runny nose, the Nose Frida is a LIFE SAVER! How it works is simple; you put the red mouth piece into your mouth, place the blue ‘booger catcher’ right up to (not inside) your little stuffy nose, take a deep breath, and suck as hard as you can. The mucus goes into the capturing section and DOES NOT even come close to entering your mouth. It works like a breast pump in which the mucus doesn’t ever enter the tubing. There is a sponge to collect any ‘germs’ that might be living in the nose of your little one as not to spread germs to mamas and daddies. I would recommend this to any parent ANY day of the week. We love ours and it is amazing just how much ‘good stuff’ a little nose can hold.


Overall L&O Rating: *****



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