Munchkin Tower Squirters Bath Toys

Munchkin Tower Squirters Bath Toys

This post, although reviewing the specific bath toy’s Little Ladybug received, is really about squirter bath toys in general. Point blank I’m not a fan. Sure they come in tons of cute shapes, animals and characters. They blow bubbles under water as you fill them up and make your kid scream with delight as you squirt the water out. BUT no matter how hard you squeeze them out at the end of bath time, water is still stuck inside….and where does mold love to grow? Damp enclosed spaces, just like inside these squirter toys. I cant tell you how many Little Ladybug has gotten in her almost 3 years and not one has gotten away mold free. Granted I don’t soak her bath toys in a bleach solution from time to time but still I cant see that helping drastically. None of her other non-squiter bath toys have this problem. Save your money and get other bath toys, bath foam letters, bath crayons etc


L & O Rating : *


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