Munchkin Bath Super Scooper Turtle

Munchkin Bath Super Scooper Turtle

Poor Munchkin is going to hate me after these last few posts. Great concept but needs some work. This Scooper Turtle was given to Little Ladybug at her baby shower. Mama Ladybug has a thing for turtles and the well meaning guest thought this would be a great way to make sharing a bathroom easier. And in theory thats true! I loved this thing for the first few weeks of use. Simply use the turtle to scoop out all the bath toys before draining the water, then hang the turtle on its hook that sticks to your shower wall. Voila clean tub and toys drying. Except for the fact that a few short weeks of use and the wall hook was falling off my shower wall. And you cant stand the turtle up without that hook or all the toys fall out and cant drain. I tried using other sticky stuff but nothing would work. So I think this product has potential just needs some work.

Another company called Boon makes a Bug Pod and Frog Pod which are similar designs and may work better, however we have not tried them. From what research I’ve done, reviews on are roughly the same for both the Munchkin and Boon versions. I’d stick to a suction cup netting design


L & O Rating: *


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