Kid O Floating Duck Bath Toys

Finally a floating tubbie duck that doesn’t take on water, mold, or smell! Most ducks have holes somewhere on their body to allow for water to drain from them, but there are NO holes in this adorable mommy & baby duo. The baby duck either sits nestled on top of the mommy duck’s back or floats independently. They don’t tip all too often, but like any tub top, get knocked over at times. They are hard and made from ABS plastic so they have a light hollow feel to them and are a fun companion for any child’s tubbie time. They also come in a nice little gift box that has phrases and quotations of children talking about ducks. It is a strong box that could be reused from something else you have that needs a home lying around your nest.

My only concern is what exactly is ABS plastic? Being an eco-friendly mama to a child of teething age, I worry what exactly she is chewing on. Other than that, little owl loves her Kid O Floating Ducks and likes to see them dance as she moves in the water. I would recommend these for anyone looking for a great gift for children of any age and for moms who don’t want to deal with mold and germs at bath time.


L&O Rating: ****


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