Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub

Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub

“Made using eco-friendly Soy fibers, Polar Cuddle Cubs soft shivers create a nurturing tactile sensations that warms the heart and calms the senses. Polar Cuddle Cubs soft and unique rhythmic vibrations will soothe and comfort your child, creating an ideal read time environment.
Polar Cuddle Cub features:

  • Eco-friendly anti-bacterial Soy-based fabric
  • Vibration device with 2 gentle rhythmic options
  • Time and hug activation options
  • Memory foam hands and feet
  • Storybook and adoption certificate
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up
Polar Cuddle Cub is part of the Cloud B Endangered Species Series which helps bring awareness to our animal friends who need our attention. A portion of your purchase will go to an international wildlife organization” From:
I recently got the Cloud B Polar Cuddle Cub for Ladybug. She has never been a great sleeper, at 2 years and 9 months she still does not sleep through the night and takes a long time to fall asleep. Cloud B is a company selling many different kinds of sleep aids for children ( Mama Owl will review the Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle soon). Little Ladybug is very tactile and craves deep pressure and constant closeness. This product is AMAZING! The cub has two vibration modes: a constant shiver or tiny shivers in the rhythm of a heartbeat. Either setting can be on the timer, shivers are on and shuts off after a few minutes and will start over when hugged or the hug mode that only shivers when hugged. Ladybug was not fond of the heartbeat mode as the shivers were very subtle but I could still see it as calming to another child who may not crave sensation as much as my ladybug. The cub is machine washable, a major plus when dealing with a much loved stuffed animals, as all of you know :). I like that the cub is made anti-bactireal and eco-friendly but I’m not thrilled with the soy fibers for allergy reasons. Although Little Ladybug is not allergic to soy she does have food allergies and soy is a top 8 allergen. Little Owl is allergic to soy so when visiting her the cub must keep its distance. I would have no complaints about the Polar Cuddle Cub if he was made from another less allergenic material.
“Cloud”, as she affectionately calls the cub, has been an instant hit. Her eyes lit up the minute she felt the first shivers as she hugged it. At bedtime she did not protest nearly as much as normal, instead she hugged the cub, smiled as he shivered and proclaimed it her best friend. And although she still woke twice that night she was able to fall back to sleep on her own, the subtle sounds of the cub could be heard as she hugged away. We are on night 3 with the cub and so far it is helping her soothe herself back to sleep, actually as I type she is peacefully napping at Little Owl’s house, with Cloud tucked under her arm.
ETA!!!! Cloud had an unknown mishap at daycare, and came home not working. Little ladybug was crushed, she wasn’t able to communicate exactly what happened just that he stopped working. I frantically emailed Cloud B customer service (in addition to buying a new backup Polar Cub from 🙂 ) and heard back the same night, asking for my address to send me a FREE new replacement heart so Little Ladybug would have a working Cloud. Now thats customer service for you!
L & O Rating: *****

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